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R & R Racing Products is proud to announce Jonas Aleshire is your 2018 Mid-West Pro Mod Series Points Champion!!! Nothing tops the cake when you win a championship when you are a low budget team. “It was a long season but winning the championship makes it twice as sweet” Aleshire said. To read the whole story on how Jonas won the championship go to http://www.midwestpromodseries.com/2018/1105/texas/ or http://www.e3xtreme.net/jonas-world-champion/2018/11/5/jonas-aleshire-defeats-all-amp-becomes-2018-mid-west-pro-mod-world-champion


R & R Racing Products Cory Greenwell got the opportunity to speak Jonas Aleshire after he won the championship;

Cory: “Wow Jonas you’re the 2018 Mid-West Pro Mod Series Points Champion!!! How does it feel to be a champion???”`


“I could go on for days honestly Cory. I’ll start by saying we are the least funded team on the planet all is out of pocket here at the shop and sometimes my own. We got hooked up with Adam Flamholc after his crash in Joliet although, Chris and Adam did know about one another because we also have cars in Sweden. Long story short we fixed Adams car and thus began our relationship Adam built us this bad ass bullet with R&R Rods amongst other things. I’m not telling haha. Although, the season started out with a blown up engine due to a mag failure we managed to re coupe Adam fixed the engine and we went on with our season. BARELY…had some typical pro mod issues along the way broken ring gears and a few things kept us from going rounds. Fast forward to the finals, we were supposed to miss one race in Texas due to prior commitments and the hurricane helped us out which put us back in the points chase, then the Throwdown in T Town got cancelled due cancelled due to weather, and Keith (Haney) will tell you himself he could have cancelled the race and just Crown champions in the position that they were in but he did not he stood up and decided to make a race inside of a race. Although I was very thankful for this we had to add 50 lb to our combination which put us at a total of 2700 lb… We defied all odds and went quicker and quicker every round. Which I have Chris Duncan to thank for that!!! We set multiple personal best and secured the championship in the third round, and wind up winning the race over Jason Hamstra. I have to thank Adam Flamholc for letting us borrow some key parts to win the race and the championship. As I said we have a budget of zero, and he was one of the keys to getting it done!!! We changed more than one thing to make this happen at 2700# but it all paid off in the long run. We went 3.62.5 at 208.84 and I couldn’t be happier with the season and R&R Rods in my Engine!!!!”


On behalf from R & R Racing Products we want to congratulate to Jonas Aleshire on your championship, and thank you for allowing us to run our products in your Pro Mod Corvette.